Steam Sterilization

Steam sterilization The steam sterilization process has been conducted on a service basis in our company since 2020 by using a fully professional and modern technological line. We provide services in the field of the sterilization of spices, herbs, dried vegetables and mushrooms. Also, the products we offer can be sterilized at the customer’s request.

The sterilizing factor is saturated steam in overpressure, with a temperature from 120 to 400˚C. Steam sterilization achieves a full effect if steam affects the commodity undergoing sterilization over a strictly set time, from 15 to 60 seconds. A system of sieves matched individually depending on a sort process and a degree of the impurity of raw material is aimed at the separation of foreign bodies (also sand, stems and the like). Owing to magnets and metal detectors, we successfully eliminate ferrous contaminants.

Our Factory

Superior quality has always been the goal & main priority at our company To fulfill customers’ expectations for high quality products, so that we continues to upgrade our factory the most modern machinery of sieving and cleaning of herbs ,seeds and spices. it gives us total control in providing the correct quality specifications. Through visual inspection and testing at different lab, we insure that the finished product will meet our stringent specifications of our customers. At each stage of production, our quality control staff inspects and approves each product before it is allowed to proceed to the next process.

We have two lines one for leaves and the other for seed The dried raw materials go through the assigned processing procedures in the production location according to our clients ' quality specifications. Goods are then prepared in our warehouse for dispatching.