Egy Land Herbs

for Export

Egy Land Herbs is one of the leading companies in dried agricultural products. It complies with the conditions for all our customers. The company management executes the export shipment at the competitive prices and highest level of quality through an experienced team.

The field of herbal medicine medicinal plants is constantly evolving and we try to keep pace with this development and always be keen to be in the forefront of Egyptian companies exporting medicinal herbs.

Quality Control

Herbal quality control is of greater importance to maintaining the quality of herbs and natural products. When the quality control side has to identify the substance, adulterants and substitutes; The purity of the material and the assay of the active chemical component are of the greatest importance for the particular herb, then they are called essential aspects of quality control. The process in which the qualitative and quantitative values of herbs are measured against established or specified standards and criteria is the process of standardization.